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This is the free demo version of the Minitaur Bass sample pack. It contains 3 patches from the full pack. Get the full version here.

The Minitaur is kind of a one trick pony. But what it does it does extremely well.

Derived from the classic taurus bass pedal heritage it is a fairly basic two oscillator synth. Sawtooth and square waves into a filter. Although a classic transistor ladder filter, the Minitaur`s implementation of this classic design seems to be quite a bit thicker in the lower registers than other ladder filter designs. Plus one LFO, two envelopes and one VCA. Thats it. 

But slightly detune those oscillators and drive the filter a little and voila: Magic!

Thats exactly what this sample pack is all about. Simple, classic & sustained basses.

Like this:

 Or you can have them pluck away instead of sustain of course:

Of course you could switch to poly mode anytime and play some very thick chords and pads:


All instruments were multisampled once with its original filter setting and once more with the filter completely open to get the sound of the analog filter and saturation plus complete flexibility for your own sound design when you want it.

22 Instruments (x 2) for Ableton, Logic, Kontakt and WAV

Recorded through some of the finest studio gear around incuding:

  • Zcon-11 DI
  • Neve 1073 Pre & EQ
  • Pultec EQP5
  • Neve 542
  • Manley Vari-MU
  • Apogee Symphony MK2


Download the free demo version of the OB6 Pads&Keys sample pack here



  • 22 (44) Instruments for Ableton, Kontakt, Logic + 24bit WAV
  • Bass, Classic Synth Sounds, Leads and more
  • Expertly recorded through High-end Solid State and Tube gear
    Multi-Sampled every Key
    Hand looped and trimmed
  • 2112 x 24bit WAV files
    1.6 GB Unzipped per Format


  • Ableton Live 10.1 (Not Intro)
    Kontakt 5.6.0 (Not Kontakt Player)
    Logic 10.4
    24bit WAV Compatible Sampler or DAW

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