„Someone hit those drums in [a] room, and sound hit a mic and also bounced off a room and hit the mic. That mic hit a preamp...that preamp hit a tape...hitting a compressor and eq...hitting a needle which then carved into acetate to be stamped into records. These captured moments are then trapped there for a long time before they get utilized. That’s a lot of energy to have happen before someone like me can start tearing these things apart.“

Jason Chatzilias, Producer, 2013

That’s exactly what we are doing: We are sampling real analog synthesizers and drum machines recorded through real analog studio gear. There is a long way to travel for that little signal, until the energy level is there and the output is ready for you. Just grab the stuff, work with it and send it on another big journey – maybe to outer space.

We are Third Man On The Moon. We’re from Berlin, we worked with Paul Kalkbrenner, Ellen Alien, Matthias Meyer, Trickski, Sascha Funke and we’re happy to provide you with inspiration.

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