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We are sampling real analog synthesizers and drum machines recorded through real analog studio gear.

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The Drummer From Another Mother is a special Instrument. A quirky and weird machine with a huge sound. As far as Drum machines go its a little unusual. At first glance the seemingly simple interface hides that it is in fact a pretty deep machine. Especially with its Semi Modular design. Starting out with the big Sound from the instrument itself we further enhanced the signal with state of the art Solid State and tube processors (no digital processing whatsoever as with all our samples). The recording chain starts with a passive Zcon-11 DI with its CA-11 Transformer which is based on the ever sought after UTC A-11 Transformer into the famous Neve 1073 (Aml) Preamp and EQ and ends at the Incredible Apogee symphony MKII Converter. We have recorded a wide range of drum hit variations plus we Multi-Sampled perfectly tuned chromatic kicks, snares, toms & percussion and created Kits and Instruments for Ableton live, Logic EXS, Kontakt, Maschine & Battery to get you Jamming Immediately.

1077 x 24bit WAV Samples (organized into folders for easy navigation) Perfectly tuned, Multi-Sampled Chromatic Bassdrums, Snares, Toms, Congas & Percussion 20 Drum Kits to get you started Expertly recorded through High-end Solid State and Tube gear 100% Analog Hardware Processing (no plugin/digital processing whatsoever) Ableton: 20 16xHit Kits with Macros mapped to essential parameters like Cutoff, Decay, Drive, Pitch etc 1 "Master Kit" including all samples selectable via Macros Kontakt & Logic: 20 16xHit Kits 30 Individual Hits Instruments Maschine & Battery: 20 16xHit Kits 300 MB


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The OB6 is a very special and unique analogue synthesizer. Recorded with hi-end solid state and tube Gear. Going thru a passive DI (Jensen Transformers), VP28 Preamp, BT50 EQ, Manley Variable Mu Compressor, Culture Vulture Tube Saturator and finally recorded into our Apogee Symphony MK2 Converter. Pads and Keys, Strings, Leads and Basses as well.

50 Instruments for Ableton, Kontakt, Logic + 24bit WAV



Synth Samples

Drummer From Another Mother

Drummer From Another Mother

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Drummer From Another Mother FREE

Drummer From Another Mother FREE

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OB6 Pads & Keys Analog Synth Samples

OB6 Pads & Keys

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OB6 Pads & Keys Analog Synth Samples FREE

OB6 Pads & Keys FREE

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Thermionic Voyager Analog Synth Samples

Thermionic Voyager

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Thermionic Voyager Analog Synth Samples Free

Thermionic Voyager FREE

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